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Volume 19 # Issue 4 - August 2005

Volume 19 # Issue 3 - June 2005

Volume 19 # Issue 2 - April 2005

Volume 19 # Issue 1 - February 2005



We are looking for information on Rural Schools in Marshall County.
If you have any information as to location, teachers, student graduation lists,
you are encouraged to send an e-mail to
The Society


 You can see those who support the society by purchasing one of our four types of affiliate memberships.
Most are business people from Marshall county and we encourage you to consider them
when doing business in our local area.  Here is the link to the Affiliates page. ----         Click Here


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 !!!! NEW NEWS !!!!

We have uploaded the 1998-1999 Social Security Death Index  (click here) to view.
We are working on the marriage listings from day 1 till 1936...



The Board of Directors of Marshall County Historical Society has announced they are reverting to the previous hours for the foreseeable future.
The regular hours are Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9-12, the museum and library will no longer be open on the on
third Saturday of the month during the spring and summer because the carpet repair expert in Surrey (page) and Consumer's Choice will do some maintennance.  
ALL of our workers are volunteers and we did not have enough "business" on Saturdays to support these additional hours of operation.
Please give us advance notice so we may accommodate you.


!!!! BLOG !!!!

How to Choose the Best Place for Your Home

When buying a home, it is always about location, location, location. However, some buyers are not aware about how this all means.

An emphasis should be put regarding the location since choosing the best place is important when you are buying your next home. Apart from affecting your life, the location can also determine the value of the property in the long run especially if you're planning to sell it or applying for a second mortgage.

When scouting the perfect location for your home, here is a list of things that you need to consider:

1. Check your budget - It is always heartbreaking if you have a dream home pictured in your mind only to realize that it is way beyond your budget. Before you consider any location, make sure to check your budget first and see if you can afford it. Take the time to know about your loan options, and how you can get them approved.

2. Consider your current stage and lifestyle - If your family has young children, you need to consider living near schools. If you work at night, choose an area where there's a visible presence of security personnel and public transportation is available 24/7. Also, going home to a quiet place after a busy day is best so you should think about living in a suburban community if possible.

3. Make a shortlist of your wants - Once you have your budget in place, you should start scouting for properties in your desired locations that also fits your price range. You can get in touch with real estate brokers or go online to see what is in the market. After doing that, try to narrow down your options. Also, you should start thinking about the kind of home you want to live in since it could influence your ideal location.

4. Get some updates on new developments in the neighborhood - If property appreciation is part of your top priorities, look out for service roads and highways in the pipeline. Having ongoing infrastructure projects in a particular location can make the property a hot commodity within the next few years. Properties in these areas can be more attractive if accessibility is a non-negotiable factor in choosing your next home.

5. Meet the neighbors - It is time to meet the neighbors to find out if they share the same interests and goals with you. This is important if you plan on staying in the neighborhood for a long time. You can also do your own research online regarding crime statistics, testimonials of residents, etc. so that you will have an idea of the kind of neighborhood you are going to be a part of.

Living in the right property is a good investment not only for your home but for your family as well. So, take this process seriously and you will be happy with the decision that you have made.

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